“Ashley will keep Louisville, Louisville. Your vote for Ashley Stolzmann is a vote to protect our unique small-town character.  No one is more responsive and prepared.” Matt Jones, Boulder County Commissioner

“Ashley is a real leader because she learns what needs fixing, fights for her constituents, builds teams, and gets things done.  The city of Louisville would be lucky to have her as its next mayor” KC Becker, Speaker of the Colorado House of Representatives

Endorsed by the Boulder Weekly

Ashley is proud to be endorsed by the following current and former elected officials:

  • Matt Jones, Boulder County Commissioner
  • Mike Foote, State Senator
  • KC Becker, Speaker of the Colorado House of Representatives
  • Elise Jones, Boulder County Commissioner
  • Jamie Harkins, Mayor Pro Tem Lafayette
  • Stephanie Walton, Lafayette City Councilmember
  • Joan Peck, Longmont City Councilmember
  • Jolon Clark, Denver City Council President
  • Robin Kniech, Denver City Councilmember
  • Margaret Hornbostel, Former Louisville City Councilmember
  • John Leary, Former Louisville City Councilmember
  • Susan Morris, Former Louisville City Councilmember
  • Frost Yarnell, Former Louisville City Councilmember
  • Kristopher Larsen, Mayor of Nederland
  • Sandy Pennington, Former Mayor Pro Tem Superior
  • Deb Williams, Former Superior Trustee
  • Tom Miers, Former BVSD School Board Member
  • Aaron Brockett, Boulder City Councilmember
  • Tim Plass, Former Boulder City Councilmember
  • Karina Elrod, Littleton City Councilmember
  • Bob Fifer, Arvada City Councilmember
  • Steve Conklin, Edgewater City Councilmember
  • Dana Gutwein, Lakewood City Councilmember
  • Jacob LaBure, Lakewood City Councilmember
  • Jim Dale, Golden City Councilmember
  • Sally Daigle, Sheridan Mayor Pro Tem

“I have worked with Ashley Stolzmann on the Denver Regional Council of Governments for the past several years. She is deeply committed to the Louisville residents as well as the neighboring communities, working to insure their transportation and personal mobility, carefully considering growth and development, and that aging and disability resources are addressed at the State and the Front Range Metro Area level. Her dedication, commitment and loyalty is inspiring and I am truly honored to have the opportunity to endorse Ashley Stolzmann for Mayor of Louisville.”  Sally Daigle Mayor Pro-Tem  City of Sheridan, Colorado

In addition to these elected officials, a growing list of many wonderful residents are endorsing my campaign. Every week I work hard to help people in our community, and sometimes I get a nice response like this one and it makes all the effort worth it: “I must have corresponded with over a dozen people spanning government, media and law enforcement. Everyone shared your initial reaction but you were the only person to follow through. And you made all the difference in actually getting it addressed. Thank you for caring enough to be there!” JB (not an endorsement, simply a quote from the public record)

If you would like to be listed as an endorser please let me know by text 303-570-9614 or by filling out the form here: