• Environmental Sustainability
    We need to rapidly and dramatically increase our commitment to projects that will make our community more environmentally sustainable. Global warming is the number one threat for our generation, and people in leadership roles have a moral obligation to take dramatic steps to slow the rate of carbon emissions into the atmosphere.  Since I have … Continue reading IssuesRead more
  • The Louisville Economy
    Many of our economic indicators in our city indicate that we currently have a strong economy.  Total sales are at an all time high, commercial property values have increased indicating that they can sustain higher rent rates, and unemployment for our city was down to 2.5% in 2018 (highest in the last ten year period … Continue reading IssuesRead more
  • Parks and Open Space
    Our parks and our Open Spaces are both major contributors to the quality of life in Louisville.  I am proud to be able to report that we have added to both the parks system and the Open Space system since I was elected.  As a community we now own more property in Cottonwood Park and … Continue reading IssuesRead more
  • Historic Downtown Louisville
    Our Downtown is the heart of our community. The history, the arts, the food and beverage, the great shops, the library, the vibe; it is easy to see why people love downtown. Historic Preservation Louisville’s historic downtown is a major contributor to Louisville’s small town character.  We need to promote the voter approved Historic Preservation … Continue reading IssuesRead more
  • Infrastructure Maintenance
    Prioritizing infrastructure maintenance is bedrock principal of a good City Council.  As Mayor, I commit to ensure that we have plans and execute on them to maintain the assets that we are responsible for as a City. Since I was elected in 2013, the City Council established a street maintenance program where we set standards … Continue reading IssuesRead more
  • Arts in the Community
    Louisville has an extraordinary artistic community.   We need to better represent this to outsiders and enable more creative artistic input into civic projects and events.  Since I joined City Council, the City (under the leadership of the arts community) has developed and started implementing an Arts Master Plan.  We need to continue to implement … Continue reading IssuesRead more
  • Affordable Housing
    Housing affordability is a Front Range issue that we need to work on regionally.  I am very supportive of the Regional Housing Strategy, a collaborative effort being led by the County and joined by our local municipalities. It includes a goal to have 12% of housing inventory permanently affordable by 2035.  There are several tactics … Continue reading IssuesRead more
  • Growth and Development
    Growth and development in Louisville has been, and will be in the future, shaped by a number of factors critical to the aesthetics and fiscal sustainability of the City. Key among these factors are open space, the mix of commercial and residential land uses, building heights, historical preservation, and the preservation of small-town character. In … Continue reading IssuesRead more
  • Leadership
    Leadership does not always permit you to go along with the crowd. As Mayor I would continue to be a leader that the citizens can count on, even when the going gets tough. Unfortunately, my opponent has gone negative saying I make too many no votes. Read a few examples to see if you agree … Continue reading IssuesRead more