Prioritizing infrastructure maintenance is bedrock principal of a good City Council.  As Mayor, I commit to ensure that we have plans and execute on them to maintain the assets that we are responsible for as a City.

Since I was elected in 2013, the City Council established a street maintenance program where we set standards to maintain all of our city streets to a good standard.  We measure the pavement every few years to determine exactly what the condition is and prioritize resurfacing to ensure that all streets have an average score that will enable two things 1) good quality streets and 2) replacement in the most cost effective way.    If streets are allow to deteriorate too far, they actually are more expensive to repair than if you keep up on resurfacing them every few years before the sub-pavement fails.  We also set a minimum acceptable score for any street, so that no one has to live on or bike down a crumbling pothole filled block.  This new program has been up and running for a few years now, and we are on track to start meeting our goals in the next 5 years. 

We also have established programs to manage our capital infrastructure repair and replacement over time.  For example, when we evaluate our water system infrastructure we look at the life-cycle of the assets (such as the water lines) and plan for the replacement when we evaluate our fiscal health.  Using modeling and field verified data collected and run by our City Staff, we verify if the water infrastructure is meeting our goals to have reasonable and equitable rates while maintaining optimal water quality. 

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