Housing affordability is a Front Range issue that we need to work on regionally.  I am very supportive of the Regional Housing Strategy, a collaborative effort being led by the County and joined by our local municipalities. It includes a goal to have 12% of housing inventory permanently affordable by 2035.  There are several tactics in the plan that are a good fit for Louisville, including preservation of our most affordable housing.  The overall affordability of our area is also impacted by transportation costs, so I will continue to work on improving the value of public transit services.  All of the actions in the plan will require additional financial resources. While we work to combat the problem, we must look at the land use mix that is needed to provide sufficient revenue to operate our town and provide these additional services.

If you look at the structure of governance in the state of Colorado, Human Services (under which affordable housing is a component) is the responsibility of the County.  We need to continue to be good partners with Boulder County to identify solutions that fit our community.  There are opportunities to preserve the most affordable housing that we have in our city, including our mobile home park, and many of our existing market rate multifamily homes. People love our city because of the small-town character. It is important to maintain our identity and heart as we mature. This means that we have to avoid the temptation of putting high density residential units on every inch of vacant or underutilized space and instead look at the land use mix that is needed to provide sufficient revenue to operate our town and it also means finding solutions for affordability that fit within our zoning.

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