Our Downtown is the heart of our community. The history, the arts, the food and beverage, the great shops, the library, the vibe; it is easy to see why people love downtown.

Historic Preservation

Louisville’s historic downtown is a major contributor to Louisville’s small town character.  We need to promote the voter approved Historic Preservation Tax as a means of helping businesses and residents maintain their historic buildings   Recently as a Council, we updated our grant program to make it easier to navigate and modernized the grant amounts to attract more historic building owners to voluntarily landmark and preserve their buildings.

Downtown Parking:

The parking problem downtown is twofold: people driving to downtown are having trouble finding places to park and parking is spilling into the downtown neighborhoods.  Since I was elected in 2013 we have added 121 new public parking spaces to downtown and made other spaces that were private available to the public as well.  We still have parking issues and the parking problem must be addressed to ensure the continued vibrancy of our downtown area and to protect the quality of life in our downtown neighborhoods. It is important to note however, that the solution can not be at the expense of the community and historic character of the area. I voted against an $8-11 million tax payer subsidized four level parking garage that would have towered over Sweet Cow and Lucky Pie because this solution was too massive, expensive, and short sighted given coming technology changes.

In addition to directly adding parking I have supported alternate methods for folks to get downtown that can also reduce the parking demand.  Since 2013 we have improved the sidewalks, trails, and bike lanes in the community.  Most residents can now bike to downtown in less than 10 minutes (source Louisville TMP ).  The Council partnered with Boulder County to provide MyRide cards to residents at no cost so that people could take the bus including the local bus route called the Dash makes stops both in downtown and near many of our neighborhoods. We are currently working with RTD on getting the word out about the Flex Ride (formally the Call and Ride) which is an on call service anyone can use to get Downtown.

Currently, the city municipal code does not require downtown properties that redevelop (with added space) put in the total number of parking spaces that a new expansion will generate a demand for.  This imbalance needs to be studied and addressed so that redevelopment that occurs does not diminish the vibrancy and livability of the Downtown and surrounding Old Town neighborhood.

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