We need to rapidly and dramatically increase our commitment to projects that will make our community more environmentally sustainable. Global warming is the number one threat for our generation, and people in leadership roles have a moral obligation to take dramatic steps to slow the rate of carbon emissions into the atmosphere. 

Since I have joined Council, we have taken first steps in becoming more sustainable as a community.  We adopted the city’s first Sustainability Action Plan, we have increased the municipal share of energy that we get from renewable sources so we now get over 50% of our electricity from green energy (and are trying to get more), and we have partnered with Xcel Energy to study and then implement actions to reach our community wide emission reduction goals. In the chart here you will see that our major sources of carbon emissions in Louisville are from electricity, fuel used for transportation, and natural gas.  We need to focus on reducing our emissions from these sectors in order to be able to recognize the kinds of improvements we need to achieve. ††

City Of Louisville Emissions by Source (Data from the Boulder County GHG Inventory)

In addition to reducing our emissions, I support carbon sequestration from the atmosphere. We can use our parks and agricultural open spaces to implement healthy soil practices that can allow us to take carbon out of the air and put it back into the soil.